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Ajey Nagar (CarryMinati) Success Story

Ajey nagar (carryminati)

Ajey Nagar means CarryMinati was born in 1999 in Faridabad near Delhi in the Gurjar family. Ajay Nagar has been a talkative person since childhood. Ajey’s childhood is spent playing football with friends in the streets of Delhi and Faridabad. Ajey loved playing football and roaming since childhood.

Earlier Education

Ajey Nagar got his early education from DPS (Delhi Public School). Ajey was not very good at studies. His mind never started studying. He always wanted to do something creative. Ajay started exploring YouTube and the Internet in his friends’ mobile and cyber cafes from the age of 10 and 12.

This was also the time when Ajey came to know about Youtuber. At that time many youtube creators from other countries used to put computer tutorials and tips and tricks on YouTube. Many of whom were also very popular with Youtuber.

Inspired by this Youtuber, Ajey Nagar created the first YouTube channel named stealth fearzz on YouTube. Ajey used to upload videos of football tips and tricks on this channel. Meanwhile, Ajey made many more channels but Ajay did not get much success on any channel.

Journey to become a professional YouTuber

Despite so many failures, Ajey did not give up and in 2012-13 created another channel called addicted A1. On this channel, Ajey used to upload a recorded game place video played by himself and mimics Bollywood actors. But most people in India do not like to watch gaming videos. Hence Ajey had to face defeat once here too.

Career Turning Point

Once Ajey was watching videos on YouTube. That’s when he got an English channel called leafyishere. The gaming video of roast concept on this channel was uploaded to YouTube and the channel was quite popular. Ajey got the idea from this and he liked this roasting concept very much. What was it then Ajey started making roasting videos?

Meanwhile, Ajey made a video roasting BB ki vines and seeing this video went viral within a week. Then this video was strongly opposed by Bhuvan Bam’s follower. Seeing this topic becoming more serious, Bhuvan Bam himself came forward and supported Ajey Nagar.

After getting the support of Bhuvan Bomb, Ajey changed the name of his channel from carryDeol to CarryMinati and kept making roasting videos, in the meantime, he greatly improved the quality of his videos.

A difficult time in CarryMinati’s career came when his channel had three copyright strikes. But CarryMinati had such a good bonding with its audience that CarryMinati’s audience made the Strike’s channel baap of bakchood.

Brushed brick by brick on social media. copyright strikes were finally removed from CarryMinati’s channel. This 17-year-old boy did what was not easy for the grown-ups. Today CarryMinati top counts in Youtuber.

CarryMinati net worth

carryminati YouTube channel’s real time – 1,050,000.
  – 122,556,110
  – 121 upload
Estimate Monthly Income – $8.2K – $131.3K

Finally, if I want to speak about something Ajey (CarryMinati), I don’t have many words to praise him. I just like to say that there is a lot of patience inside Ajey (CarryMinati), which continuously kept videos on YouTube without stopping for many years. So many subscribers and such great success everything is the result of his patience

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