Top Youtuber Amit Bhadana Success Story

Hello friends, In today’s time, the creators have to face a lot of competition with YouTube’s growing craze. In such a way it is very difficult to make a different identity. Facing these difficulties, a boy from Uttar Pradesh, Noida, Amit Bhadana, is ahead in the world of YouTube. Who today has become India’s largest YouTube creator due to its funny vines?

Today, Amit has more than 15 million subscribers. Which is growing along with time. Do you know how to make Amit Bhatana Youtuber? What is the background of Amit Bhadana? How did their YouTube Journey begin? So today we are going to tell all this through this post.

Amit Bhadana Earlier Life 

Amit Bhadana was born on 7 September 1994 in Uttar Pradesh (Noida). Amit’s family business is agriculture. Amit’s father named is Narendra Bhadana. Amit received the initial education of Yamuna Vihar from Delhi. Amit was known for his sense of humor. His sense of humor was a big lotus. It is different that Amit was a little shy

In school days, Amit used to do well. They used to be counted among funny kids. After finishing his schooling, he graduated in law and after completing the graduation he started his Yutebay career. His awesome country-style comedy video went on to success and then he went climbing up the ladder of success.

Amit Bhadana Career

Amit wanted to become an advocate in the initial times, for this he also completed graduation in advocacy. But Amit had a passion to do good things since childhood, that is why he used to make funny dubbing videos of some scenes of films and upload it to social media. One such funny video was viral on social media.

In mid the video being viral, Amit’s friends suggested they upload videos to the Facebook page and YouTube. Amit wanted to do the same. On October 24, 2012, he created a channel called Amit Bhadana and started putting some funny videos and vines on that channel.

For a long time, the growth on his channel was not equal. But he continued to make videos without losing any consistency. Meanwhile, in May 2017 one of his videos became viral and since then Amit Bhadana’s life changed completely. At present, Amit has more than 15 million subscribers on the YouTube channel, which is growing steadily over time.

Amit Bhadana writes scripts for his own videos. His friends cooperate fully with him in shooting the video, and Amit himself edits the video. The result of his hard work is that today Amit Bhadana is one of India’s largest YouTube creators.

Amit Bhadana Dialogues

At present, Amit Bhadana Dialogues are very famous. Some of the famous dialogues of Amit Bhadana are below:

  • are Bhai! ye to Zindagi ki sabse badi Jung hai, angregi me apna hath tang hai||
  • jab tera Bhai balla uthave hai, dharti hil jave hai||
  • beta tene Ek Baar or boli na bro, tere muh per gut padenge do| bada ayaa bro ka fufa|| or more…

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