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Top Stock Investor Ashish Dhawan Success Story

Ashish Dhavan

Hello, friends today we are going to talk about such a person. One of the top investors of the stock market. Ashish Dhawan is one of India’s top investors.

He was born on March 10, 1969, in Delhi India. he is an Indian private equity investor. Ashish Dhawan co-founded and operated one of India’s leading private equity fund, Chrysalis Capital. Ashish worked on the company’s board since 1999, but after 20 years of investment management business, he left his full time in Chris Lippert in 2012.

Then he focused his attention on changing the Central Square Foundation, the grant organization, and the policy think tank. In 2014, he started the launch of a philanthropic effort of more than forty leaders in India’s first liberal arts university, Ashok University, education, and industry.

In 2012, Forbes India recognized Ashish Dhawan as the Nextgen Leader in philanthropy. Ashish Dhawan ranked 15th in the 2014 Hurun India Charity list. Dhawan’s total property is $ 500 million.


After passing through good marks at St. Xavier’s Collegiate School of Ashish. Yale started preparing to get a Bachelor’s Degree from the University. In 1997, Ashish completed his MBA from Harvard Business School.

From which he received the degree of Bachelor He currently works on the Advisory Board of (HBS Club of India). And Ashish is a member of the Development Council of Yale.


Dhawan started his career in 1992 with a store investment bank Wasserstein Perella & Co. on Wall Street. From of Within the type of sole Indian analyst operating for the merger cluster From 1993-1995, Dhawan worked as a junior colleague in California’s small non-public equity firm MacConDelive & Company, where he met George McCon, United Nations agency examined him at the Harvard Graduate School School Inspired for

During the nineties, Dhawan supported the proprietary capital within the takeover arbitrage cluster in the Blue Chip Investment Bank Anarchist Sachs of New York.

Returning to India in 1999, he co-founded ChryCapital in the city with Harvard Schoolfield Rules Kondur. Despite some initial challenges and pressures of the market, the chunky, permanent and strong players have become united.

Personal Life

Dhawan lives with his wife, Manisha Dhawan in New Delhi in Philosophy of Philosophy from Delhi University and three children live with Ayla, Anya, and Armaan.

Journey In The Indian Stock Market

Ashish Dhawan co-founded ChrysCapital with his Harvard school partner Kondur within the year 1999. Individually, Ashish has almost 800 large integers within the stock exchanges.

Ashish Dhawan has failed many times and selected to take his place in Olesek Technologies, Orient Inexpensive Power, Mastek, etc. Fatality

Ashish Dhawan’s portfolio has increased manifold in the last few years. In 2002, he got Rs. Released the portfolio of 265 crores in shares of several areas.

He had enough religion in the country’s monetary service sector, and about forty percent of his investment was in the area. Most investments were made for a long period.

At present, the value of his portfolio is Rs. 800 crore rupees with major investment in small firms like Madhukan and stock investment in Nahar Industrial Enterprises.

In 2008, Ashish Dhawan was quick to assess the long-term potential of HCL Technologies. ChrysCapital invested around one hundred and eighty million dollars in the company for 5%.

“From 2007 to mid-2008, everyone is a blue-eyed domestic firm. We have a tendency to invest within HCL Technologies, depending on the actual fact that all its largest verticals had infrastructure management services. Nobody has seen it. Ashish Dhawan says that HCL was the most simple business.

His call clad was a huge success. Within the next 1/2013, ChrysCapital unloaded 2% of its $ 500 million in stake in HCL Technologies.

Ashish Dhawan believes in finance for a long time. They think that the Asian nation will try for twenty years in the future

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