Best Website to get a free stock image for a blog post?

Best Website to get a free stock image for a blog post?

free stock image for blog, Where to get an image for the blog which is copyright free? Many people ask me these questions. So today we will talk about it. In blogging, a lot of hard work has to be done to make a career and earn money. It is important to understand every little basic thing related to it and use them on your blog. Apart from things like SEO, Backlinks, Google Adsense, there is another thing that makes our blog even more attractive and that is an image. It is very important to use an image in blogging. You can go to google and open any blog, even if it is in any language, you will definitely see an image in the article on every page of that blog.

Using good and high-quality images on our blog attract more visitors to our blog. But the same question arises in every blogger’s mind that where should we download images for the blog and how to use it in our blog. Because we can easily find millions of images in Google, but we cannot use them on our blog because it is a copyrighted image. If we use a copyrighted image on our blog, then the owner of that image can make a case on our blog and our website can also be banned. So due to a small mistake, all the effort in making your blog will be spoiled, which we would not like at all.

To save your blog from being closed forever, we need to download the image from the right place, which we can get absolutely free. Yes, friends, there are many such websites present on the internet which have made the problems of bloggers like us easy because they provide us the best images in free. Which website is that I am going to tell you today in this article, from which you will get the answer that where to get a free stock image for a blog post?

Best Websites to Download Image for Blog

As I have already said that images are very much needed in blogging, visitors will not like to read your blog article without images. Because the beauty of our blog increases due to images, which also increases the chances of getting more visitors. Therefore, I have told here about the best websites to download free stock images for your blog post, using which you can easily keep the images in your blog. All these images fall under the Creative Commons license, which means that you will be able to do them without any copyright issue.

1) Unsplash

This is a great website to download the free stock image for blog. Here you get all the images of high resolution. If you subscribe to its newsletter, then you will get 10 images in your email every 10 days and all its images come under CC0 license. This means that you can do these images as you want.

2) Flickr

Flickr is a very popular website where images can be downloaded by searching for free. Millions of good images are easily found on this website according to the content of our blog. You will get any kind of images from this website because thousands of photographers from all over the world upload their sketched photos every day on this website. You do not even need to open an account to download images from Flickr. Flickr’s app is also present for the smartphone, so anyone can install it from the play store on their mobile.

3) Stock Snap

This is the best way to get the most beautiful and high-quality images from the StockSnap website. Without anyone’s permission, you can download millions of images from here and use them on your blog and there is absolutely no problem of having copyrighted images here. More than 100 photos are uploaded on this website every week.

4) Freerange

You can also download high-quality photo images for free from the Freerange website. All the photos available here are free, and you can edit these photos and use them in your blog. Also, you can earn money by uploading your great photos clicked on here.

5) Pickupimage

The Pickupimage website provides a large collection of high-resolution pictures. Here you can search for Free High-Quality Premium Images for your blog. And you can edit them accordingly. And that too without giving credit.

6) Pexels

You can download Best Free Stock Photos shared by professional photographers on Pexels. You can also use commercially available photos here. If you want to give credit to the photographer for his hard work, then you can give. But there is no compulsion.

7) Wikimedia Commons

One of the biggest places of Royalty-Free Images is Wikimedia Commons. This project is run by the Wikimedia Foundation. From where you can find all kinds of free photos for yourself. And if you like, you can download it.

8) Libreshot

With Libsehsot you can download free images for the art photography blog website. And there is no need to give you any kind of credit. Because all types of images available here are under CC 0 license.

9) DesignersPics

DesignersPics website has been created by an Indian blogger Jeshu John and he has taken all the images found on this website. And this website provides us with images free to use in our blog. Every day more than 4000 visitors come to this website and download high-resolution images.

In this blog, we have given you information about 9 websites to download Royalty-Free Images for a blog, YouTube channel and social media account. You can download copyright-free images from these websites. We hope that this blog will prove useful to you.

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