Buy a Domain from GoDaddy and BigRock

How to Buy a Domain from GoDaddy and BigRock

Buy a Domain from GoDaddy and BigRock, Are you worried about how to buy the domain. So in this article today, I have brought a solution to all your problems. You have already thought that you have to make your own carrier in blogging, so this is a very good thing. The world of Internet is increasing day by day. Earlier people had to go outside the house to meet the need of money, but if you have knowledge in today’s world, then you can easily earn money from the Internet sitting at home. For branding your blog, you need a domain. So today we will know how to buy Domain. I will tell you about 2 famous domain name registration websites so that you can easily buy a domain for your blog or website.

If you want to start your business world from your home, then you need a good name, and you will not have to invest a lot for it. According to Indian rupees, you will get a domain name within 100-500. You can easily buy your credit / debit card or through internet banking. There are many websites in the world, which sell all kinds of domain names. I mean to say that a lot of variety of domain extensions are available today.

Of all the domain registration companies, GoDaddy is the best among them all. It is a very old company and also trusted. And another website is BigRock. I bought my first domain from this website. It was a .in domain and I bought it for Rs.99. It has this facility that, even if you do not have a debit/credit card, you can still register your domain through Check / Demand Draft / Direct Deposit. Let us start the process of Buy a Domain from GoDaddy and BigRock.

How to buy a domain from GoDaddy?

Registering domain names on GoDaddy is very easy. This is similar to opening an account in Facebook. You can easily buy a domain name by following these steps.

Step 1: Do Domain Name Search.

buy domain from GoDaddy

1) Open any browser of your smartphone or computer and from there open the official website of GoDaddy.

2) On his home page you will find a search box for domain name search.

3) In the name with which you want to buy the domain, you type there and click on the “Search Domain” button.

4) If your domain is available in .com then it will tell you that “YES! YOUR DOMAIN IS AVAILABLE. BUY IT BEFORE SOMEONE ELSE DOES. “.

5) On the right side of the domain, its price and “add cart” button will show. If you want to buy another domain extension such as .net, .org or .in, you can buy it from the suggestion section below. If you want, you can also buy all the domains, but for that, you will have to pay the price of everything.

6) After selecting the domain, click in the “Continue to Cart” button.

7) In the next step, it will show you the option to select some additional things, such as privacy, hosting, etc. If you want, you can buy them by paying extra money, or after going down, click in the “Continue to Cart” button.

8) Then you have to select how many years you want to buy the domain. There will also be money according to the year. After the year selection, click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button.

Step 2: Register on GoDaddy

1) If you already have an account in GoDaddy, then you login, or click on create an account button.

buy domain from GoDaddy

2) Fill your information here like your address details, email id, mobile number, etc. Keep in mind, just enter your correct email id and mobile number. Because later GoDaddy verifies that.

3) Fill the Account Information correctly. Put a 4-digit number in the PIN field. When you want to talk to GoDaddy’s customer care, they ask for your account PIN for verification of your account.

buy domain from GoDaddy

4) Select your payment information in the last. After selecting click on the “Continue” button. Next, enter the details of your Credit / Debit card and click in the “Place Your Order” button. After payment, you will get your domain details.

buy domain from GoDaddy

5) To see your domain, click on your profile name on GoDaddy’s home page and select “Manage My Domains” from there. Now your domain is ready for your blog.

buy domain from GoDaddy

How to buy a domain from BigRock?

BigRock is an Indian domain registration company. Like GoDaddy, you can easily purchase domains from here. Let’s know how to buy a domain from Bigrock.

1) First go to the official website of BigRock.

2) Here you will see a search box as before; Where you can search your domain name.

3) Enter the name with which you want to buy the domain and click on the “Go” button.

buy domain from BigRock

4) As many domain extensions of the same name are available, they will not show you.

5) In the domain of the extension you want to buy, click on the “Add” button and click on the “Checkout” button again.

buy domain from BigRock

6) On the next page BigRock adds some extra addon, such as privacy protection, email address, etc. Remove them and click on the “Proceed to Payment” button.

7) You have to login or register here. Then you can pay. The procedure of registration and payment of BigRock is similar to that of GoDaddy.

Once you have purchased the domain, you can log in and see it on your account. So we taught today how to buy domains. You can use any website to buy a domain, but I mostly buy a domain from GoDaddy.

This Blog How To Buy a Domain from GoDaddy and BigRock, If you have any questions or information related to domain registration, do not forget to comment below.

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