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How to Save Money while Shopping Online

Today’s I am telling you about How to Save Money while Shopping Online, The rapid growth of Internet users in India, parallel online shopping has also seen manifold growth in India. Indian e-commerce has grown at an annual compound rate of 30% since 2009 and is expected to reach $ 1800 billion in the year 2015.

Online shopping has become a popular shopping method and has many benefits such as saving time and money for product discovery, price comparison, and 24/7 availability, etc. However, a little more research and intelligence can help you to save money. So here are some simple tips to save your money while shopping online.

1. Compare Price

A good way to save money is to compare the price of the product you want to buy on many web sites. You can compare prices by looking at more than one site. At one online store it may be “on-sale”, but another store may be selling it for less money.

Now there are many sites like MySmartPrice, CompareRaja, Pricedekho, etc. which show price comparison. I like for mobile. But remember, not all shopping comparison sites are always available on the internet.

2. Search for coupons and promotional codes

A coupon can help you save money on some products, on some websites. Some websites offer some additional discounts when coupons or promo codes are applied during checkout. If you can’t find a coupon on your favorite website, then search in Google for it.

Apart from this, there are many websites for coupons, promo codes, and discounts, which provide online services. They have a large database of many websites offering coupons and promo codes. CouponDunia, Freekaamaal, DesiDime, Couponmantra are some of the top websites which provide coupons and promo codes. You can also register for free with these websites and they will keep sending you emails or newspapers of the latest deals.

But coupons can help in saving your money only when you need to buy the product. But do not buy anything just because you have a coupon.

3. Check Free Shipping

Many web stores offer free shipping if you take some price products, and if there is no free shipping then make sure that the shipping is not too much. Always look at the price of the product as the total cost of the product. Many web sites like eBay provide you the facility to view the product in order of price plus shipping charges.

4. Keep an eye on social media

Almost all online stores have their social pages and are active on Facebook and Twitter. If you like their pages then they can offer you some attractive offers.

5. Shop with credit card

While shopping online, many websites offer additional discounts or cashback on special credit card purchases. If you are going to purchase an amount of 20 -30 thousand, then an additional 10% discount will also be your big savings.

6. Use Shopping Apps

Apart from this, Flipkart is also an app for big web stores like Amazon, which can help you find a good deal anytime. Many times, they offer some products at a low price when they install their app with the corresponding deal.

7. Subscribe with an alternate email address

Many shopping websites offer daily deals and for that, you have to subscribe to your email address. After this, they send you the best deal on your email every day. Apart from this, they can also send you promotional materials. So it is better to create an alternate email address for this purpose so that your personal mailbox is not filled with advertisements.

8. Be Patient

If you are not getting the best deal for the product you want to buy and you do not need this product right now, then wait for one or two weeks. As soon as you get a good deal on a web store, jump on it because it cannot last much longer.

9. buy offline

Many times you have searched for online cheap deals for a particular product, but not found, it is fine. Then you should search for it in the shops near you because many times they can be found cheaper in shops than online. In particular, small products like keyboard, mouse are available cheaply as they are charged online by shipping charges.

There are other ways to save money on online shopping. Now you will be surprised if you count how much money you save in a year with these tips!

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