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How to start a business with Paytm.

Business with Paytm

An entrepreneur who wants to do business with Paytm will first have to open a shop. Its future is golden because the goal of the government is to encourage the use of Plastic Money and since the 500, 1000 old notes are banned by the government and the limit for withdrawing money from ATM or Bank has been reduced then people will automatically get plastic.

Will start using Money. Therefore, small shopkeepers who are afraid of losing their customers due to lack of cash in the market, they can get rid of this fear by doing business with Paytm. The decision taken by the government to control Black Money, Fake Money, will also create opportunities to do business and increase in the country. In order to do business and increase employment, mobile recharge and E-commerce company is providing an opportunity to all petty shopkeepers to do business with Paytm.

Now, because the government has very limited cash withdrawal, this is the reason that people are moving towards online shopping or any such shop which can accept card payment. This is the reason that Transaction is increasing in Paytm’s digital wallet, and the company has decided that by the end of the current fiscal year of March 2017 Yankee will increase the number of sellers working with it to 20 lakhs, which is currently 4 Is a million

What is Paytm?

Paytm started in India as an online platform for mobile recharge. In which Paytm used to give cashback to its customers on every mobile recharge. But currently, it is not only used for Mobile Recharge, but for DTH Recharge, Electricity bill payment, Gas bill payment, Water bill payment, Metro Card Recharge, Bus booking and every type of shopping. It was started in 2010 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma of one97 communication. Launched in 2014, in 2015, India’s renowned businessman Ratan Tata also invested in Paytm. About 10 crore people have joined Paytm wallet and about 1 crore people have downloaded Paytm mobile app. Paytm’s head office is located in Noida. Apart from this, Paytm is Approved Bharat Bill Payment System by the Government of India, using which people can pay all their types of bills from anywhere.

How to earn from Paytm:

To earn from Paytm, one has to do business with Paytm. As we have mentioned in the above sentence that the company is going to increase its Offline merchants by the end of this financial year, in which Paytm will add about 2 million Sellers. In this, the company aims to connect all the petty shopkeepers, from the vegetable seller to the grocery shop. To earn Paytm, a person must have his own shop, only then he will become a seller of Paytm and earn his customers by giving them a facility to make payment through Paytm.

How to do business with Paytm:

If you are a seller of an item or substance, that is, you have your own shop and you want your current customers can sell their goods to them despite the lack of cash. Maybe if you tell them that the online payment option is not available with us, then they should go to another shop, to stop all this, you can do business with Paytm. For this, a person will have to become a seller of Paytm. To become a Seller, the first person who desires will have to visit the Paytm website. After that, you have to click on the tab named Paytm Partners in the upper part of the website, as shown in the picture below.

If the person is unable to fill his details in English, then on the upper right side of the page is given the option to choose Hindi, English Language, the person can choose Hindi.

After that, you can submit your entire required details in it.

Paytm will ask for the person’s documents like KYC, VAT, and Bank details. In this order documents like Aadhar card, PAN card, VAT / TIN, Address Proof, etc. can be required.

After submitting, within 48 hours, an employee of the company will call the person and provide further information. And once approved, the person will be provided with the QR Code.

Now, as there is a shortage of cash in the market at present, although the finance minister says that after a few days, the limit for withdrawing money from banks and ATMs will be reduced as before, it is certain that the government’s goal is to promote cashless transactions. Is, Therefore, in the absence of cash, people would prefer to go to the same shop where they can shop through online payment, card payment, small shopkeepers and retailers can retain their customers by doing the business of Paytm. As soon as a customer comes to the shop, he will have to scan the QR Code of the shopkeeper from his mobile. After that how much payment will be made to the option customer and that money will be deposited in the shopkeeper’s Paytm wallet. The shopkeeper can easily transfer that money to his bank account.

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