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How to Start Gym Business Plan?

Gym Business

Gym business means Fitness Center is becoming popular over time. One of the reasons for its popularity is where there is a desire for bodybuilding in the conscience of the youth. At the same time, some people, despite being inspired by the Six Packs and beauty of the actors/actresses shown in the films, take the path to the gym or fitness center. Apart from this, the truth is that the number of people aware of and aware of their health and fitness has increased at present. This is the reason that in the gym/fitness sector, companies like Talwalkar’s Gym, Fitness First, Gold’s Gym, Fitness One, Ozone Fitness, and Spa, etc. are earning their money by doing business successfully. In 2015, the market of Gym / Fitness sector in India was Rs 4500 crores.

Whose annual growth is estimated at 16-18%, estimates are also being made that the market will be 7000 crores in 2017-18? Gym business is carried out in both organized and unorganized sectors. Although any person can do this business, a person who has more inclination towards physical fitness will show more interest in this business. Ask people to pay more attention to their physical beauty, or aspire to stay fit by being fit, whatever the reason but people have increased inclination towards Gym ie Fitness Center.

What is Gym Business?

Gym business is a business related to the physical fitness of man, in which a person tries to keep himself fit due to machines or exercises. Often, anyone decides their time during the day to go to the gym, this time period is 1-2 hours. In a fitness center, the entrepreneur also gives a trainer to his clients to exercise through machines, and the customer pays a certain fee to the entrepreneur in exchange for all this. This process of earning by the entrepreneur is called gym business. Nowadays, in view of the tendency of people towards yoga, the service of Yoga in Gym is also being offered to the customers.

How to Start a Gym Business

An entrepreneur needs to do a lot of research before starting a gym business in India, where the entrepreneur will analyze the steps taken by people towards their physical fitness and health, and analyze their spending capacity. Is also necessary. Apart from this, the availability of trained trainer is also necessary for training in that area. Gym business is a business that can be started according to the investment potential of at least five lakhs and more and more entrepreneurs, therefore firstly the entrepreneur has to decide how much money he will invest in starting his own gym business is. That is, what is the budget of the entrepreneur towards that business.

1. Decide the business model for your gym business:

By business model we mean the type of service offered to the customers. Currently, there are two types of service provided to our customers by Gym or Fitness Center. Or you can say that there are currently two types of Gym / Fitness centers in the Indian market.
The first class consists of such a gym or fitness center, where weightlifting and cardio equipment are present and in fact, they are called Gym.
The fitness centers that fall in the second category are based on exercise, in which the center offers classes of Aerobics, Martial arts, Zumba and Yoga to its clients. Therefore, the entrepreneur will be able to take a decision on this subject only when he/she will do thorough research in their area that people want to come to the gym and stay fit or bodybuilding. People who just want to stay fit. According to us, their inclination will be more towards the second class, and those who want to do bodybuilding will be inclined towards first class.

2. Select Location for Gym Business:

When the entrepreneur is choosing a location for his gym business, he should keep in mind the reality of the research done by him. Keep in mind that there are partial customers or target customers in that area, and there is no gym already in that area, not what kind of service people like to have in the area, etc. The gym should be on the main road or in a place which is easily visible and people have no problem in reaching the gym. If the entrepreneur has done the service or set up as per the choice of the people in his gym, then more and more people will come to the gym, and the business of the entrepreneur will gradually grow. Because a gym requires a slightly larger space to open than other business, that is why the rent of the place may be higher. However, many big gyms also offer their own franchise. If the entrepreneur lacks support, then he can take a partner or even a gym franchise.

3. Create a Business Plan:

After choosing the research, location and business model for his gym business, the entrepreneur should make a business plan that mentions all his business requirements, goals, projected earnings, etc. Through this plan, the entrepreneur will from time to time weigh his business to the test of reality and keep him aware of which his business is moving, or is not moving. If the entrepreneur wants to make an effective business plan, then you can read this article published by us to know what to keep in mind.

4. Registration and license :

Although it is not compulsory for an entrepreneur to register a gym business, if the entrepreneur wants to have another person or promoter to invest in his business, then the entrepreneur can register his business by selecting one of the various business entities. After this, the entrepreneur should get tax registration like service tax registration, etc. To start a gym business in India, the entrepreneur needs a clearance from the police station of the area, so should start the gym business only by taking this clearance from the local police department. Although this process of taking a clearance can be different depending on the state, district area.

4. Purchase Equipment for gym:

Starting a gym business may require a lot of weight lifting and cardio equipment and if the entrepreneur wants to open a multiplicity gym then aerobic exercise equipment, Martial art accessories, Zumba Equipment, etc. However, the entrepreneur should choose the equipment only on the basis of the research done by him earlier. Because buying all kinds of equipment can increase the investment in the gym business of the entrepreneur. The list of some devices is as follows.

Weight Lifting Equipments Cardio Equipments
1. Barbell Treadmill
2. Curl Bar Stair Mill
3. Preacher Bench Spin Bike
4. Stability Ball (Swiss Ball) Skierg
5. Benches, Abdominal BenchAirdyne
6. Dumbbells Elliptical
7. Tricep Bar Rowing Machine
8. Weight Plates
9. Chin Up Bar Accessories
10. Cable Cross Over Machine Gloves
11. Pec Deck Machine Wraps
12. Leg Press Machine Weightlifting Belt
13. Lat Pull Down Machine Wrist Straps
14. Weight Lifting Equipment
15. Racks,
Dumbbell Rack, Barbell Rack, Power Rack

Finding a trained trainer for a gym business in India is quite a challenging task, and a well-trained trainer and well-equipped gym interior is the key to this business. Trainer’s own body shape should also be very fit and tactful towards the customers. Because you see yourself keeping your client’s place and imagine that you have to do a Gym Join, you tell this to a friend and your friend asks you to join that Gym. Whose experience he himself has taken He praises that gym and the trainers available there and suggests you to join the same gym, maybe you will join the same gym. Conversely, if your friend says something negative about that gym, you will probably never join that gym. By saying this, the marketing of good work is done by those who know themselves, who have experienced it. Therefore, the entrepreneur should take special care of customer satisfaction in his gym business.

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  1. Well done with the article. I’ve researched the profitability of over 800 different types of gyms, and the depth of content you share here is quite impressive. One thing I would call out is that I’ve learned that the range of profitability for fitness facilities is pretty wide and has a lot to do with how well the business strategy is developed and executed. Marketing, customer retention, hiring quality staff all matter to a large degree. In my research, I’ve also found that it is very important to be thoughtful on where you locate your gym (near your ideal customers) and being very careful about the commercial lease you sign. I’d like to offer your readers a free commercial lease checklist to help them via my site:

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