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Indian Athletics Player Hima Das Biography

Hima Das

Hima Das name is now echoing across India. There will hardly be anyone who does not know Hima. In fact, Hima of Assam state of India has recently brought laurels to entire India by winning a gold medal in the World Junior Athletics Championship.

She became the first woman to win a gold medal in all age categories at the Junior Athletics Championships. Hima has not only illuminated the name of her family and her country with her success but has also set an example for the new generation of girls. At the same time, we have always promised to beat the odds and move forward.

Hima Das Early Life

Hima Das was born on 9 January 2000 in Dhing village of Nagaon district of Assam. Hima was born into a peasant family. His father’s name is Ranjit Das. And Hima’s mother’s name is Jonali Das. Hima has 4 siblings in her house besides her parents. And Hima is the youngest of the brothers. Hima’s father is a farmer who mainly cultivates rice, his mother is a homemaker. Hima is also known as Dhing Express, Mon Jai and Golden Girl, etc.

Hima Das Education

Hima received her early education from Dhing Public School. Currently, Hima is a student of class XII at a college in Dhing, a kilometer away from her village.

Hima Das’s journey to becoming a racer

Hima was very fond of sports since childhood. Hima started playing football since she was very young. Hima used to play football matches with schoolboys in childhood. And because of playing football in childhood, Hima’s stamina had increased a lot. And that’s why they don’t get tired quickly while running.

Seeing Hima’s tendency towards sports, first, the teacher of Physical Education of her Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya advised her to become a runner. And his advice was adopted by Hima and focused his attention on his racing. And after that Hima also participated in many competition related to race. In the beginning, Hima had a lot of problems. And they did not get the facility of running track as well, that is why they practiced running from the clay soil of football.

Hima Das Career

His coach’s name is Nipun Das. She met his coach during the Inter-District Competition organized by the Directorate of Sports and Youth Welfare in 2017. In this competition, Hima participated in the 100 and 200-meter races. And Hima completed the race by wearing cheap shoes.

Despite this, Hima had secured the first place and everyone was surprised by the speed she had. Impressed by his race, his coach Master made up his mind to give him training and he brought Hima with him to Guwahati.

As we told that Hima was born in a farmer’s house, so his family cannot see the expenses of living in Guwahati, so Hima’s coach had raised the expenses of Hima living in Guwahati.

Initially, Hima’s coach prepared him for 200 meters but gradually Hima’s stamina has increased and that is why his coach made him ready for 400 meters instead of 200.

Know about Hima’s international career

Hima took part in the Asian Youth Championships in Bangkok, participated in the 200-meter race and finished 7th in that race. Hima recently participated in the Commonwealth Games in Australia on behalf of India. In this, Hima could not perform anything special, but in the 400 meters final, Hima got the sixth place. And 18-year-old Hima took part in the World Athletics Championships after the Commonwealth Games and Hima also became the gold medal winner.

Hima’s Records

Not long ago, Hima has secured first place in the World Athletics Championships due to which Hima has become the first Indian woman to have won a gold medal in this championship. There is no Indian woman who has won the 400 meters race in the IAF World Under.20 before Hima. Hima did this amazing feat in just 51.46 seconds. Because of which he got the first position in the world.

Hima’s English is a bit weak and because of this, Hima was very much mocked by a tweet by the Athletics Association of India. In fact, when he won the semi-finals at the IAF World Under-20, he was ridiculed by the Athletes Association of India for his language. But an apology was also made after Hima won the final.

He was congratulated by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi after winning the gold medal of Hima Das. And every big celebrity also praised Hima by tweeting her.

This success earned by Hima Das is truly a commendation. For the new generation, Hima has emerged as a source of inspiration, who has given the message to the girls of the country that if there is a desire to do something in the mind, then even adverse circumstances cannot stop the human being from moving forward.

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