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Low Investment Business Ideas

Low Investment Business Ideas

Nowadays, the youth of our country wants to do their own business instead of working for someone else. But most of the youth have a financial shortage, so they start thinking that they will never be able to do their own business. There are more people like those young people who think that a lot of investment is required to start their own business. But this is not true at all. There are many such businesses which can be started from low investment and all these are long-term-business. The specialty of these businesses is that students, young people, and housewives can also do them. We will tell you about some low investment business ideas.

It may be that some people think that small business can be created by these business ideas, but we should understand that if these small business ideas are done with different thinking. So it does not take much time to build a company of crores from a small business. And the biggest example of this is Dhirubhai Ambani, who started his Entrepreneurship life by selling food in the village fair.

Small Business Ideas With Low Investment:

Following are some of the Best Low Investment Business Ideas that you can start with less capital –

1. Mobile Shop Business

Nowadays everyone is using Smart Phones and since Jio has come, their purchase has become very fast. Where can it go that in the coming future, there will be a lot of growth in the area of ​​Mobiles Phone? If seen from this part, opening a mobile shop will be a very profitable business, for this, you will not need much capital. With just a small shop you can start it and some good smartphones which are being liked very much like – Red mi is almost all of its phones you will get in your budget at a very low price and their performance is better It happens. Apart from this, you have many more phones that you can keep in your shop.

First, you have to start from a small shop, after that, you will be able to increase the shop as the income increases. All you have to do is to get whatever income you have for 5 to 6 months after opening the mobile shop or even more than that and spend it back on the same shop and make it grow. Believe it is a very simple rule using which you can pursue any business.

2. Blogging Business

blogging business

Blogging is also a low investment business. If you write well or are interested in sharing your information and you have knowledge of Computer and Internet, then you will get immense possibilities for this in the field of Blogging. You can start this business by applying a small capital of only 1500 to 2000 rupees. I believe that its beginning will be slow, but after some time the changes that will come in it, you will be really surprised to see it.

Being a blogger, I have a leaf about how it works, I have seen many websites that started only 1 year ago and their earnings have reached millions. Yes, you have to do something different and better by using your Creative Mind. Also, you can do it part-time only by giving it a few hours, the best thing that is in this blogging business is that the capital used in it is very less than any other business, just you have some Hour and your mind needs to be applied.

3. Event Management Business

Event Managing is also currently a Best Business. Because India is a country of festivals and celebrations where people organize events on weddings, birthdays and other big and small occasions. The trouble in these festivals and festivals is that most people have to do all the work themselves in the event, due to which they are not able to handle its arrangement. This problem of theirs is an opportunity for you, you can start an Event Management Business for this.

In this, you will become the Event Manager and handle the entire arrangement of the event, after which you can take Fees by adding your Profit% to the entire expenditure incurred. Now you will think that there will be workers in it and they will also have to give Fees, then how will all this happen? So there are many Event Managers who only hire Workers at the time of the event, which also reduces their Fees. This is a good business model which is one of the fastest-growing businesses you can work on.

4. Real Estate Business

Nowadays, every person wants to buy his own house or take a plot to build his house on it. You can help him in both the work by opening the Real Estate Agency. I know many real estate agents who help people to choose a house or land according to their choice and in return take a commission of 1-2% of the property’s price.

All you have to do is to remove all types of Property and Plot and submit details and maintain contact with all Property Owners who are interested in selling their property. After which now you want the customer who wants to buy that property. For this, you have to open an Office on rent and you can keep your cards. According to Future Prospects, this business is one of the most profitable Businesses models.

5. Gym/Health Club/Yoga Classes Business 

Gym/Health Club/Yoga Classes Business

At present, every person, whether he is old or young, Ladies or Gents, everyone wants that his health is good and the world’s greatest happiness is also a healthy body. For which he goes to Health Clubs or Gyms and tries to maintain his body good by working there. You can also earn good money by opening a health club, gym or yoga classes in a good area.

I have seen many GYMs, yoga classes and health clubs whose owners are earning a lot of money because they never have a shortage of customers. This is because whoever joins them remains their member for at least 2 to 4 months and many new people also join them every month. You can also open such clubs and when you start getting good income from your health club in future, then you can open another branch in some other area, due to which this business will continue to grow.

6. Computer/Laptop Repairing Business

If you know how to repair a computer, then it can prove to be the best business for you. But even if it does not come, nowadays, many government and private institutions conduct courses in Computer and Laptop Repairing. This course is usually three months, in which you can easily open a Computer Repairing Shop by doing this course. Given the increasing use of computers, this business can be considered very beneficial for the future.

7.  Trainer/Tutor

You can also earn good money by becoming a Trainer or Tutor. For this, very little money is required, start teaching other students or people in the area you are good in or in which you have a stronghold. After some time the number of learners increases, then you can add some more Tutors or Trainers with you. In this way, you can take this business to very high levels.

8.  Professional Freelancer

You may not consider Freelancing to be a business, but do you know that many people are making a lot of money as freelancers and by opening freelancing agencies. If you have any other talent like Web Designing, Software Development, Writing, Photo Editing, Writing, Translation, etc., then you can easily earn money by becoming a Professional Freelancer. Nowadays there are many freelancing platforms that provide work to freelancers and the biggest advantage of freelancing is that you set the time and price of the work yourself. Also, if it is online, you can do it part-time also, in the growing online world, there is a lot of potentials for this business to grow.

9. Interior Decorator

Everyone wants his house to look beautiful so that he will have a good impression on the people who come. For this, people often hire interior decorators. You too can help such people by starting the business of Interior Designing, in return, you also get a good amount. Apart from home, you can also decorate the interiors of Office and Shops.

10.  Bakery Business

bakery business

The bakery is also very good and long-term business. It does not require much investment to start. You can easily start it and make bread, toasts, biscuits, etc. and deliver it in the nearest market. You can also do home delivery of your products, as well as more information about the bakery business and see the project report at this link

11. Electronic Store

You can also open an Electronic Store by raising a little more investment. Nowadays the demand for TVs, Fridges, Kitchen Appliances has increased a lot and one can easily earn a good income by opening an electronics store. Apart from these businesses, there are many other low investment businesses as well, by which you can earn a good income quite easily and at a low cost.

12. Social Media Service

In this digital phase of today, the lives of many people are changing through the Internet. One such part of the Internet is social media, with the help of which you can do business in very little capital. Nowadays, social media is used by people for marketing their business, such as – Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Qzone, Instagram, etc.

People use Facebook Page, Instagram, etc. to advertise their product and service. By becoming a Social Media Servicemen, you can handle the marketing and advertisement work of many small businesses.

To do this business you will only need a mobile or computer and you need to have a little knowledge of social media. With this business, you can handle Social Media Sites of more than one company. From this business, you will get income separately by all companies according to your own.

13. Translation Service

If you want to earn money through Low Investment, then there are many such sites on the Internet, which run only for Language Translation. Such sites invite many people for this work that people come to their site and do translation work. For this work, many companies give 1-2 rupees to translate a word.

To do this work, you only have to find such sites on the Internet that run on Language Translation and you have to create your Id by visiting these websites.

14. Virtual Assistant

All types of Busy companies require a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is the one who prepares the schedule plan of a company. Many companies hire a Virtual Assistant if you are willing to do this job, and you have little knowledge of the Internet, then you can become a Virtual Assistant. You do not even need to go anywhere to do this work, you can manage this work on the computer in your home. For this, you just have to apply in companies that are looking for services.

15. Candle Making

Candles making business

Candle Making Business is a very standable business. Nowadays there is a lot of Demand of Candle in the market and its Demand is not related to electricity but to Decoration. Nowadays, Candle Decoration is done in big parties, festivals, weddings, etc.

You can learn to make candles from the internet if you do the best candle making, then your business can go much further. Your budget should be Rs 10000-100000 to start a Candle Making business. Initially, this business requires very little capital to do this, so you can do this business very easily.

16. Breakfast Corner Shop

Breakfast Shop Business is a very high-profit business these days, which is becoming very popular. If you do the business of a Breakfast Shop, then it will be a very beneficial business for you.

Breakfast Shop Business is a high-earning business because, in this present-day life, many people live outside their village and do a job, due to which they also eat food outside and there are many people who are late Due to this, we have not left for breakfast from home. In such a situation, if you start this business, then your business will run smoothly. You can open Breakfast Shop in a budget of Rs 10000-20000. The good thing is that in this you only have to give a few hours in the morning, afternoon you can do something else.

17. Dry Vegetable Shop

Nowadays Demand in dry vegetable market is increasing, you can do the business of dry vegetable at a very low cost. Dry vegetable is very expensive in the market, in this case, if you do the business of Dry Vegetable, then it is very profitable.

In Dry Vegetable, you can sell Care, Sangri, etc. Dry Vegetable in this business, if you grow and sell in your Yard or field, you can earn more profit by selling it more cheaply and with good packing.

18. Yoga Class

If you are a fit and healthy person, and you have complete knowledge of Yoga, then you can open your Yoga class by becoming a Yoga Teacher and do good Earning. In today’s era, yoga has attracted the attention of many people, so becoming a yoga teacher is a new profession.

You can also open a Yoga class in your house, in this you need very little investment. If you take 500 rupees from one of your students, then you can earn well.

19. Plant Shop

Plant Shop is also a good option in the low investment business. Nowadays, due to the increasing awareness about trees and plants, all people are planting plants in their own Yard. In such a situation, if you open a plant shop, you can earn a good profit.

You can also open a plant shop in your home. For this, you only have to buy plants, and if you do not have space in the house, you can hire a shop. In this business, you can earn more money by making in-house delivery of plants.

20. Pets Food Store

Nowadays, everyone keeps pets in their homes, so there is a greater need for pet food. In such a situation, you can open a Pets Food Shop, and you can do good earning. You can also open a Pets Food Store in your house, for this you will have to pay a very low cost. If you want to open a Pets Food Store, then open in an area where there is already very little Pets Food Shop.

Other Low Investment Business Ideas:-

21. Travel Agency

22. E-book Author

23. Fashion Designer

24. Photographer

25. Security Agency

26. Paper Products Manufacturing

27. Handicrafts

28. Gift Store

29. Insurance Agent

30. Fashion Boutique

31. Computer Trainer

32. Dairy and Sweets Shop

33. Used Car Dealership

34. Driving School

35. Online Green Products Store

36. Toy Shop

37. Chocolate making

38. Building Materials

39. Travel Agency Business

40. Mobile Fast Food Van

41. Gift Baskets Business Idea

42. Ice Cream Shop

43. Gym Trainer

44. Vehicle Service Center

45. Swimming instructor

46. Sports Coaching

I hope that you got help from this post. And do read our preview posts Things To Know Before Starting A Business

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