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Indian Archery Player Rajat Chauhan Success Story

Rajat Chauhan

When this archer started his career, he did not think that this was an expensive game. The cost of the professional level archery kit was 2 lakh rupees. Rajat Chauhan, who belongs to the middle-class family, was confused as to how he would be able to raise such a huge amount.

The parents understood and supported Rajat’s passion for archery. The Jamapunji Chauhan family of his age employed the son to make him an archer. He started his archery career with the arrows of two lakh rupees.

The story of Rajat Chauhan, who won the silver medal in the country, is similar. Rajat Chauhan’s family, who won the silver medal. With fellow archers Sandeep Kumar and Abhishek Verma at the Asian Games 2018. Put everything at stake to give them the first professional arrow.

Rajat Chauhan Return To India On 31st August

However, there is an atmosphere of celebration on this achievement of the son of Jaipur archer Rajat Chauhan. The player of the Indian Archery Team. And Rajat Chauhan of Jaipur played an important role in getting the Silver Medal to the team. On this victory, the family expressed their happiness by distributing sweets at Rajat’s house.

On the 10th day of the Asian Games 2018, the Indian women and men team received a silver medal at Archer’s compound event. The men’s archery team of Rajat Chauhan, Aman Saini, and Abhishek Verma got a silver medal in the compound team.

The Indian team lost to South Korea in the shoot-off after equaling 229-229 in the final and had to be content with the silver medal. Due to this defeat, the Indian team could not save their gold medal which was won in the Asian Games in Incheon in 2014.

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