Save lots of Money with Money Saving Apps

Save lots of Money with Money-Saving App

Save lots of Money with Money Saving App, We can invest in our growth only if we save something from our salary. But saving for urban middle-class jobbers is a very difficult task. After paying house rent, electricity, water, mobile, and other bills, hardly at the end of the month, we are able to save anything. Even if something is saved from these expenses, we spend as soon as something new appears on the mall or online site.

Apart from this, going out with your friends and movie also spoils our bank balance. It is not that we do not want to save, but often we do not know how to save. Now the solution lies in your hand, that is, on your smartphone. Today there are many such apps available for you in the mobile app store, through which not only will you be able to control your expenses, but you will also be able to save a good amount.

Let’s know about 10 such apps-

1. Crown It

Frist Money Saving App is Crown It, Whenever you go to eat food through this app, search that place on this app. After paying the bill, take a photo of it and upload it on the app. You get a cashback of up to 50 percent after the bill is approved. Collect all these points and get them redeemed whenever you go shopping. This app is also available for iOS.

2. Dibz

There is hardly any app that offers discounts in premium fine dining and luxury restaurants. Dibz is an app that gives you the experience of fine dining. You also get many exclusive deals here. Also with the help of this, you can also organize a party. Currently, this app is only available on Android.

3. Helpchat

This application acts as a personal assistant. Here you can compare cab fares, recharge your phone and find the best available deals. The most interesting feature of this is that if you do not feel like browsing your discounts, then you can send in the message you want by writing the deal. The app will reply to you immediately. It is available on both Android and iOS.

4. Happy Hours India

This app offers drinks at discounted prices. It provides real-time alerts related to bars and restaurants in your city. In addition, you can also check for discounts on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This app is available on both Android and iOS.

5. Mysmartprice

The discounts offered in the market should be compared once before getting caught. MySmartPrice is an Android one with which you can compare across all products and services. There are more than 100 websites integrated here.

6. Hopper

Plan and save money with the help of a hopper before going on vacation. This travel app not only tells you about cheap flights but also gives you an estimated price in advance. You can also know the best time to buy air tickets through this app. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

7. PriceBaba

If you are going to buy a mobile phone then this app can be helpful for you. Through this, you can sell used mobile phones too. It is currently available only on Android.

8. Encash It

Through this app, you can know all the latest deals. There are also coupons available here which can save you money. It also offers cashback offers on different websites. This app is only available on Android phones.

9. Money Lover

This is an app that keeps track of all your expenses. It puts your expenses in different categories, with the help of which you can know where most of your salary is being spent. It is available on both iOS and Android.

10. Cashkaro

This app is a one-way website. This site returns the original money in the form of cashback which is transferred to your bank account. Before going directly to the websites, check this app so that you can save money.

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