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Youtuber Gaurav Chaudhary (Technical Guruji) Biography

Gaurav Chaudhary

Friends, we are talking about Gaurav Chaudhary, one of India’s top YouTubers, Gaurav Chaudhary is also known as TECHNICAL GURUJI. Today he is a very famous YouTuber. His YouTube channel Technical Guruji has more than 13 million subscribers.

Gaurav makes technology related videos on his channel. The audience likes them very much. They review new mobile phones on their channel, tell about the website. Electronic gadgets like a mic, camera, bitcoin, server, wifi, Google, all technical information are given to the people.

Most review new phones. Tells the audience about what is the goodness in the new mobile phones. His channel is very famous. Presently Gaurav Chaudhary is working as a Security Engineer of Dubai Police. Along with this, he also produces videos for YouTube in his spare time.

Technical Guruji Birth And Early Life

Gaurav Chaudhary was born on 7 May 1991 in Ajmer, Rajasthan. He was a very versatile person since childhood. He loved talking to people, telling them about his mind. Gaurav was very fond of technology since childhood. He spent most of his time with electric gadgets like mobile, TV, computer.

From the beginning, Gaurav used to think about how a calculator, a computer, works. As a child, he was very intelligent in reading and topped his school. Gaurav was so clever in reading that he used to pass the exam by studying for a few hours during exam days.

Today, Gaurav Chaudhary has become a Technical Guru due to being in love with technology since childhood and millions of people follow his YouTube channel. Views of their videos are in millions.

Technical Guruji Family Background

Gaurav Chaudhary’s father was transferred to Bikaner. So he went there and started living with his family. He is survived by his mother, father, elder brother and two sisters. Gaurav has done his 10th class from Kendriya Vidyalaya. He has done C ++ in Computer Science. He loved things like computers since childhood.

He used to search for something new on the computer all the time. Gaurav’s father was badly injured in an accident after which the family’s responsibility fell on him. Gaurav learned computer coding well but was more interested in hardware.

He has an engineering degree from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Rajasthan. He has done B.Tech and M.Tech from this institute. After studying engineering, Gaurav moved to Dubai in 2012.

There he did ME (Micro Electronic). Gaurav got to learn a lot from there. Gaurav learned a lot of new things by designing the chip himself, fabricating himself, making core electronics. He had many good friends and good teachers too.

When Did The Technical Guruji Channel Start

Gaurav Chaudhary started his channel “Technical Guruji” in October 2015. His channel grew very fast. On 18 October 2015, Gaurav uploaded the first video on YouTube channel. As of September 2018, their channel is the 9th most subscribed channel in India

Technical Guruji Youtube Earning

Gaurav earns 10 lakhs (estimated) every month from his YouTube channel. Apart from this, new companies give them lots of new gadgets to promote for free.

What Is The Aim Of Technical Guruji

Gaurav says that he wants to give all his knowledge to the audience. He says that knowledge increases through sharing. Whenever you get a chance to learn something new, just learn.


Gaurav Chaudhary has been awarded the Silver Creator Award and Golden Gate Award from YouTube.

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