The popular way from online earning, earn money with 3 websites

The popular way from online earning, earn money with 3 websites

Employed people are always looking for extra income. In such a situation, if sitting at home becomes a source of income from the internet, then what else would be better? Many people are able to earn extra income even by working part-time. But, if you earn well with part-time work. One such work is the Uniform Resource Locator. Through this, many people have earned thousands in a month so far. We constantly tell our readers about the methods of earning from the Internet. Today, it is being told how to earn from the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). This is the most popular way of earning from the Internet. So, I will tell you about popular way from online earning

What is a Uniform Resource Locator

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a way through which any link can be shared easily. It also trends on social media. Actually, short URL links can be easily redirected to the Internet. It helps in locating any organization. Messages, videos or photos that go viral on the Internet are also made viral through this. Large organizations like Google provide services like shortening URLs.

How will you earn from this

We share many things on social media through the Internet. To earn from URL, it is important that you shorten the big URL and share it on social media. The company will pay you for the number of users who will see the flashing ad on the URL you have shared. Your earnings will be decided in terms of comments, likes, and visibility.

Let us know which website gives a chance.


This website is considered to be the most trustworthy. With this, you can easily earn money by shortening the URL. There are many features available on The minimum payment of these is 5 dollars, which comes to your account through PayPal. It is also known how many hits have occurred on the URL you have created. Different rates have been fixed in each country on the URL issued by the website, which is based on the cost view. In India, it gives the amount of $ 1.09 per 1000 views i.e. Rs 70.85. Apart from this, you can earn a 20% commission by referring to any of your friends.


This website also gives a certain amount for shortening the URL. The special thing in this is that on this you can shorten 100 or more URLs at a time. On this website, the performance of the URL can be seen by the performance meter. However, the amount it gets is very less in India. This website gives only $ 0.41, i.e., 26.65 rupees when 1000 views come on a link in India.

3. LinkBucks

Through this website, you can shorten the URL and share it on your social network or your website. The company will pay according to the attraction of the URL you have placed and the likes found on it. The minimum payment on the URL shared by the website is $ 10, which is put in your account through Pay-Pal. In India, this website pays $ 0.90 i.e. 58.5 rupees per 1000 views.

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