Top 10 Data Entry Jobs from Home Online/Offline: No Investment

Top 10 Data Entry Jobs from Home Online/Offline: No Investment

Online data entry jobs from home-based jobs to earn money online without investment. The online data entry job allows people to work from home and does not require much skill. Data entry jobs are very suitable jobs for students, part-time job seekers, full-time job seekers, housewives, or retirees.

People who are working in the best data entry jobs from home can easily make at least $ 200 to $ 800 from home.

Your data entry income is based on a few factors. They are:

typing speed
Types of data entry jobs
The time you have spent with data entry
Data entry companies

This is the best part of a data entry job that you can do data entry jobs from home without any investment.

Data entry operators who are able to type at least 25 words per minute (25 WPM) will get more data entry jobs. To start a data entry business you will need a computer with an Internet connection. If you are not able to read English then your typing speed may increase naturally.

You will get to know from this article how many types of online data entry jobs you can make money from. And you will also know how many types of online data entry jobs and offline data entry jobs are available.

So let’s discuss these types of these jobs –

Top 10 Online Data Entry Jobs

1. plane data entry jobs

People who want to make money from plain data entry work must have English reading and writing skills. Plain data entry jobs are very simple and in this job you have to type data in MS Word file.

In this option, you have to collect words from PDF files and enter them into MS Word document file. Today, by making a simple data entry job, every person is making at least Rs 20 to Rs 50 per page. Simple data entry is one of the simplest ways to make money from online data entry jobs.

2. Basic online data entry typing jobs

Basic data entry jobs can be done with MS Excel spreadsheets. You do not need to know about Excel formulas when working with basic online data entry. As a data entry operator, all you have to do is fill the cells of the spreadsheet with data.

Online data entry for Excel is very simple. People can get at least 100 to 200 rupees per hour payment depending on their typing speed.

3. Online Typist or Word Processor Jobs

Online typist is one of the online data entry jobs where you require little technical knowledge. In this option, you have to create letters, report, create a meeting invitation, table, chart, and document, etc. by a word processor or typing.

If you are a master in English grammar then a word processor or online typist is a good data entry job for you.

4. Data Cleaning Job

Searching and removing unwanted data is also a part of online data entry jobs. This data entry job can be called data cleansing or data scrubbing. You have to work on MS Word or MS Excel in this option.

5. Online Survey Jobs

This option is one of the simplest ways to earn money online. In this option, you can earn money by sharing your opinion. Yes, people are getting regular income from online survey jobs without investing to share their knowledge about any product or service.

Paid surveys are very simple because based on your strong knowledge there is a need to answer some questionnaires. You will receive an online survey payment based on the time period taken to complete a survey.

6. Online Form Filling Job

In this option, you have to fill the data given by the employer in the form. In the online form filling job, you have to select and fill the data from the database and input in the given form.

7. Copy and Paste Data Entry Jobs

Copy and paste data entry jobs are one of the simplest online data entry jobs. Here all you have to do is copy the data from one cell or file and paste it into another cell. Copy and paste data entry jobs are based on Microsoft Word or Excel spreadsheets.

8. Captcha Data Entry Jobs

You must have seen on many websites that whenever we go to a site and register on it, then, in the end, you will see the option, which, on solving it, proves that only someone has registered and not the robot. Only these alpha-numeric or text images are called captcha.

Similarly, like a captcha solver, you have to enter text, alpha, and numeric characters in the given box. If you do this work successfully then the company will pay you well.

9. Data Formatting Jobs

Data formatting The data entry task is very simple to perform. In this option, you will have less need for typing, just in this option you need to format the data.

You must align improperly placed data to MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint. Your job role is to format the data into data entry jobs, as a data entry operator you have to make short sentences with long sentences. Adding numbers and bullets are the key job role for data entry operators.

10. Data Mining

Data mining is a very challenging area for data entry operators in data entry jobs. Here you must have some technical knowledge such as data analytics, organized and interpretation skills to earn money as a data entry operator.

Large companies will offer data mining jobs in this type of job as they have large mass databases. As a data entry operator, you must separate the data as instructed. If you do this work before the given time, then you will be eligible for a higher award.

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