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Your Story Founder Shradha Sharma Biography

Shradha Sharma

Today, women are playing an important role in society. There are many areas where women play equal roles as men. Some women do not get the chance to fulfill their wishes and dreams, but there are others who stand out. There are many successful women entrepreneurs in India and one of them is Shradha Sharma.

Shradha Sharma is the Chief Editor and Founder of Yourstory.com. Yourstory.com is an online portal for young entrepreneurs and start-ups that helps their businesses grow. It was founded in 2008. So let’s read about Shradha Sharma’s life and professional career.

Shradha Sharma Date of Birth

Shradha Sharma was born on 8 July 1943. She was born in Patna (India). Shradha Sharma’s birthday has always been a private matter. Being one of the busiest peoples, she did not get much time to go out and celebrate his birthday.

She just liked spending her day in a normal way. For her, work is worship and she celebrates either her birthday with her family or with her colleagues.

Shradha Sharma Family Background

Shradha Sharma’s family is a resident of Patna (India). She has spent his entire childhood in Patna. Shradha Sharma’s mother always supported her in achieving her dreams and taught her to be independent and self-reliant. Shradha Sharma has 1 brother and 3 sisters. She has been raised with good care.

Shradha Sharma Education

Shradha Sharma is not only talented but also works hard. She received an honorary degree from St. Stephens College in Delhi and then went on to pursue an MBA from Ahmedabad’s MICA. Being an educated woman, she was always an ambitious person.

Your Story

Shradha Sharma Career

Shradha started her career as a brand consultant for the Times of India. Then worked as AVP (Assistant Vice President) at CNP TV 18. It was while working at CNBC in 2008 that the idea of ​​your story came to mind. During that point, she met several entrepreneurs who needed a medium to spotlight their stories to the globe.

Entrepreneurs and startups wanted the public audience to know about their struggle, vision, and achievements. Shraddha wanted to help these entrepreneurs and startups. So that the world can know their story through a powerful medium. What is better than the internet as a medium? This is how Yourstory.com established itself.

Yourstory.com is an online portal that helps entrepreneurs and startups discuss their businesses and companies which helps them take their enterprise to new heights. There are many people who did not support the idea of ​​Shraddha Sharma and thought that it would not work. But Shraddha listened to her heart with great persistence and the website was launched on 16 September 2008.

There was one thing on his mind that not all entrepreneurs are superstars, but he has some amazing untold stories in his life.

After startup

Shradha Sharma’s start-up YourStory completes a nearly 12-year emotional story. In 2015, he was selected on the list of 500 LinkedIn Influencers worldwide.

In March 2015, she was awarded the ‘L’Oreal Paris Femina Award’ for online impact. Yourstory.com wiki will tell you more about her tremendous achievements. It also provides visibility coverage in the news, social media, investors, potential partners, business opportunities and offline marketing support.

It has become an important hub for news writers, newsmakers, public relations people, startup enthusiasts, investors, corporates, bloggers and journalists among others. YourStory hosts several conferences throughout the year throughout the country.

They host events and workshops such as TechSparks, Mobisparks, E-Sparks, WebSparks, EduStar, Cloud Conclave, Startup Jobs Fair, Socialopinership, and more.

The Start of HerStory

Yourstory has launched another portal ‘Herstory’, which has stories about women entrepreneurs in India and many women bloggers in India. Those coming with extraordinary stories and their success need to be shown to the public. YourStory has illustrated the stories of over 15,000 entrepreneurs and continues to do so at a great pace.

YourStory has reached more than 5 million readers in India and around the world which is a major achievement and has taken only 7 years to launch. Now, YourStory mobile app is available in smartphones for everyone so that anyone can easily write, read and watch their own stories. Yourstory is closely associated with venture capitalists and government bodies.

Their partners include the likes of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Nokia, Dell, Qualcomm, Vodafone, Intuit, GoDaddy, Nexus Venture Partners or more companies. Other major funds in India), CNBC TV18 Young Turks, Mahindra, British Council and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) to name just a few.

So, friends, this was Shradha Sharma’s biography and success story, if you like it, then share the comment. And read our previous post “WittyFeed Co-Founder & CEO Vinay Singhal Story

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